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Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore

Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore

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Acharya Institute of Technology, Bangalore (AIT) Established in 2000, the Acharya Institute of Technology (AIT) in Bangalore boasts a state of the art educational infrastructure combined with the simplest teaching for the students to excel in their academics. The institute is committed to be a fountainhead of innovative enterprise with sacred initiatives for academic excellence. AIT is constructed on the main campus of Acharya Institutes. The college is pretty faraway from the main road thus not simply accessible unless you've got a 2 wheeler or are ready to pay a good amount on the automotive vehicle rickshaws. The college provides bus facility whose charges are proportionate to the distance you stay from the college. BMTC bus 250 drops you to the college however the frequency isn’t impressive. Chikkabanavara is the nearest train station and a few prefer to pass by train. In short, the college isn't easily accessible however it’s very famed, therefore reaching here shouldn’t trouble you a lot of. So students can get fee structure and go for direct admission through nri quota and management quota also.

For Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore Admissions Contact : +91 9964480444 / 9902415886

Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore Classrooms are air conditioned (which is rare in Bangalore engineering colleges) , excellently maintained, advanced facilities, equipped with a wireless local area network internet connection and hugely spaced out. The campus has nearly ten buildings for various departments of engineering and different courses. College premise isn't at all untidy and you'll be able to see a lush green plantation throughout the campus. Library is excellent and has books for all the courses in abundance. There’s a separate library just for reference books. Cricket stadium, a large playground, volleyball, basketball and table tennis court completes the glorious. Hostel facilities are equally high notch. From clean and wide spaced bedrooms and washrooms to healthful mess food, everything is perfect when it comes to hostel life. Yeah, you’ve to pay a whopping one hundred thousand every year for the hostel rent.

For Acharya Institute of Technology Admissions Contact : +91 9964480444 / 9902415886

Acharya Institute of Technology Bangalore Admission :

(AIT Admissions) Acharya Institute of Technology for the first year of the course shall be open to students who have passed the two-year Pre-University Examination (Science) conducted by the Karnataka State Pre-University Board.

Courses Offered :

1. Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical Engineering
2. Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering
3. Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science Engineering
4. Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering
5. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science Engineering
6. Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
7. Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunication Engineering

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